Earth Science

Web sites

Annenberg videos

University of Illinois WW2010

NOAA 's Storm Prediction Center

Curriculum and Activities

Birth of the Solar System video (simple)

earthquake lab (A-C , SanFrancisco; D-K, Southern California; L-P, Japan Region; Q-Z, Mexico)

plot on a map the earthquakes for the last 30 days

Watch the videos found at the following URL or watch the video in class and answer the questions on the worksheet.

http://www.scivee.tv/node/2411      Plate tectonics

http://www.scivee.tv/node/2509      volcanic eruptions

world map

example of poster

Map of Salt Lake City

Graph paper

Here are some games to play to help you learn the information

moon challenge

Moon quiz

solar system challenge

solar system quiz

universe challenge

universe quiz

universe crossword

Universe fill in the blank

universe matching game

Universe pick a letter


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