KHwisdom.org is the personal page of Kathryn Hedges. After more than twenty years of teaching and research at the university level and more than ten years teaching at the high school level, writing curriculum, and holding teacher workshops. I have realized that I really like teaching.

While teaching at the universities I realized that many students are poorly prepared and I try to provide educational opportunity for all of my students so that they will be capable of successfully participating in post secondary educational experiences. Additionally, I believe that all citizens need to be aware of scientific developments and their affect on our lives. The areas of science and technology are rapidly expanding and influence many of the daily decisions that we make. Scientific literacy is essential for all citizens.

Using a hands on, lab based approach students learn standard scientific technique while discovering concepts for themselves. Students in my classes work to learn factual information and use it to solve problems at their own rate. Students are encouraged to compete in extracurricular activities and stretch to reach higher plateaus. Many of my students have been very successful.

I believe that every one can do anything that they want to do badly enough. Sometimes we cannot accomplish a task in exactly the same way as others, sometimes it takes us more time or more effort but if we personally desire an outcome we will be able to find a way to accomplish the task. Over the years one thing that I tell students is that you may not be able to enter through the front door but there are always other ways; if you can’t get in through the front go around to the back door or look for an open window.

My family was poor and I would not have been able to participate in many activities at school had it not been for a few very dedicated teachers. Many of them went out of their way to help and encourage me. I know that it is because they were there that I am able to do the work that I do today. I am eternally grateful for their help and hope that I can help a few of my own students in some of the same ways that my teachers helped me.

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